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广州市艺帆展览服务有限公司Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.

地址(Address):广州市天河区燕岭路25-27号银燕大厦201-202  邮 编:510507

Room 201-202,Yin YanBuilding, No.25-27, Yan ling Road,Guangzhou,China

电话(Tel):020-61089460  61089350

传真(Fax):020-61089459  61089469

广州市艺帆展览服务有限公司,是一家展览策划/组织/执行/展装/服务一体化的专业机构,系“广东省守合同重信用企业”、“广东组展企业协会理事单位”、“广州市会展行业协会理事单位”; 艺帆展览公司创立十多年以来,一贯致力于加强国内外各行业的经济、贸易、技术的交流与合作,拥有一支精通展览市场运作、对工作兢兢业业、一丝不苟、对客户认真负责、服务周到的专业展览服务队伍,50多人的专业运营团队,具有国家高级会展策划师资质的人员5名,超过十年展览运作经验的人员12名,超过六年展览运作经验的人员20名。



Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd founded in 2005, which is a legal professional exhibition service enterprise for exhibition planning, organization, execution, decoration and other service, which is "Credited Enterprise of Guangdong province", "Council Members of Guangdong Exhibition Organization Association", "Council Members of Guangzhou Exhibition Industry Association”.Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd is committed to strengthening all sectors of economy, trade, technology exchange and cooperation. We own a team which expert in operating exhibition, working hard and meticulousresponsible to clients and offer best service. We have more than 50 staffs, five own National Senior Exhibition Planner Qualifications, twelve for more than 10 years exhibition operation experience, twenty for more than 6 years exhibition operation experience. 

With the support of the government departments and in the cooperation with various industry associations, chambers of commerce and institute, with the purpose of "strengthen exchange, promote cooperation, develop the market, mutual benefit and win-win", honest with customers, all from the interests of customers. Yifan Exhibition Service Company successful respectively hosted nearly hundred industry exhibitions in Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanchang, Shenzhen and other cities, covers industries including food, medicine, health care, medical, agriculture, feed, machinery, industrial safety, environmental protection etc. Yifan has won good reputation from exhibitors in different industries.

The standardization of competition and the formation of stable client, a newforce to stimulate the exhibition market has appeared. Sincere, it is a natural ties between YiFan Exhibition and every customers. Service, becoming a key to the development of YiFan Exhibition growth. YiFan insists in integrity and be practical, always take the customers demands in mind. We would like to create good cooperation with the customers all over the world.